Monday, May 31, 2010

Smalltown DJs - Fortune Mix

Smalltown Djs are playing Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver on June 11th, and to promote the night we made a new mixtape. It's full of new jams and stuff that fits the feel of the night. Enjoy the mix and see you on June 11th. Thanks!

Download Link: Smalltown Djs - Fortune Mix


1. All Talk // Kid Cudi feat Chip tha Ripper & Christian Bale
2. Dance Yrself Clean // LCD Soundsystem
4. Carols of the Bells // Sega
5. We Can't Fly // Aeroplane
6. Good Girls (Cousin Cole Remix) // Wale
7. I love U // Larry Tee
8. Baby I'm Yours // Breakbot feat. Irfane
9. Boom Ha (Meterhead Remix) // Smalltown Romeo
10. Nights // Pase Rock
11. I Chatted up the Nympho Seceretary // In Flagranti
12. Move the the Left Loop
13. What You Need (A-Trak Remix) // Tiga
14. I Wanna be You (Grum Remix) // Nightbus
15. Radiates // Rition & Primary 1
16. Aurora (La Mode Remix) // Alex Gopher
17. Booty Move // TJR
18. Buffalo Stance // Buraka Som Sistema
19. Do! Do! Do! // Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister
20. Intro (Bart Bmore Remix) // Alan Braxe & Fred Falke
21. Fantastic Lover (Kingdom Remix) // Johnny Moog
22. Raver Special // Rusko
23. How Low (Sticky K Remix) // Ludacris
24. Armada Latina Inst. // Cypress Hill
25. Suite - Judy Blue Eyes // Crosby Stills & Nash

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



(You gotta watch at least till 1:07.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smalltown Romeo vs. The Swiss

The Swiss are an awesome new disco group on Modular Records out of Australia. If you got the Smalltown Romeo Don't Be Weird Mix for Flashing Lights then you would have heard their production on the intro track. It's blended with the vocal from our Boom Ha tune - and together they work pretty well. Here is the edit here for you to download:

BOOM HA (Smalltown Pete's Bubble Bath Blend) by SMALLTOWN ROMEO

BOOM HA (Smalltown Pete's Bubble Bath Blend) - Smalltown Romeo (Mediafire)

If you like this then go buy music from The Swiss &/or Smalltown Romeo at Beatport or itunes or something. Thanks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


2000 flushes ÷ 120 days (4 months) = 16.777777 flushes a day.

That's *ONE* toilet, so don't give me some bullshit "family of 4" scenario. Maybe, if you're flushing that much in a given day, you should worry less about how best to clean your favourite chair, and a little more about eating some fucking vegetables.

For fuck's sake. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giant 45 Mix Series

Giant 45 has started a new dj mix series and the first two installations are deadly. Crossing the broad spectrum of dance music: A-Mac and Dan Solo each brought their a-game for these.

Get the latest one from A-Mac, one of the best dudes out there, he also has impeccable taste (with tracklisting):

A-Mac - Giant 45 Mix Sessions Vol. 2

Giant45 Mix Sessions Vol. 2 mixed by: A-Mac by GIANT45

The mixes will all be posted on the Giant 45 Soundcloud page so stay tunes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boom Ha Part 2 on Beatport

Hey so the second part of our Boom Ha Single on Plant Music is out now on Beatport. The remixes are so great on the second EP that I can't decide which is better. Here is the link:

Smalltown Romeo's Boom Ha Part 2 - feat. remixes by Pilotpriest, Meterhead & Dillon Francis

Thanks so much for listening - now put this song on your ipod and have your own personal silent rave.


A couple weeks ago Smalltown Mike played this crazy outdoor party with our good homie Neoteric at the University of Calgary. It's called Bermuda Shorts Day and Smalltown has become a closing fixture over the years. The kids are always so stoked to be done school for the year and they like to show it.