Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Dad's New New Mixtape

My dad is always writing down playlists and new songs in his notebook. Then when he has about 100 or so compiled he will usually narrow them down to fit on one mix. Then he puts them on his ipod and it becomes the soundtrack to his life for a while. This is the latest playlist, and this time he got our good buddy & dj Ivan Rankic to help him out and string them together into a continuous mix. The result is pretty awesome.

Al Emes feat. Ivan Rankic
Sept 2010 Mix (Mediafire Link)


TV on The Radio "Young Liars"
Bishop Allen "True or False"
Titus Andronicus "A More Perfect Union"
The Walkmen "The Rat"
Arcade Fire "Month of May"
Modest Mouse "Third Planet"
Holdsteady "A Slight Discomfort"
Superchunk "Driveway to Driveway"
Rogue Wave "Solitary Gun"
Small Black Despicable Dogs "Despicable Dogs"
School of Seven "Windstorm"
LCD Soundsystem "I Can Change"
MGMT "Flash Delerium"
Radiohead "Idioteque"
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close"
Harlem "Gay Human Bones"
Slegh Bells "Ring Ring"
Arcade Fire "AntiChrist Television"
Pinback "AFK"
Rogue Wave "Endless Shovel"
Real Estate "Beach Comber"
Beach House "Zebra"
Edward Sharpe "Carries On"

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rub & Smalltown Djs Tour Video & Mix

Last month we went across the country with Ayres & Cosmo Baker. It was so epic and we had the best time ever on the road with these guys. It was all great music, great shows & great friends consistently along the way. We compiled a bunch of good footage out there - as well as a live mix of what we were playing on the tour (link below).

Here is the Mix (tracklist in the comments section):
THE RUB & SMALLTOWN DJS - Sixpacks, Shotguns & Serato Tour Mix (right click "Save Target As" to download

A big thanks to Red Bull, WeSc, Stirling Agency, and all the promoters and party goers in each town. Hopefully we will do it again SOON.

Let the hilarity ensue.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rock, Break & Boogie (Smalltown Djs Edit)

This tune was produced in 1985 by awesome Italo Disco pioneer Salvatore Cusato. It's a great combination of Moroder style disco and early 80s rap music. He also did this amazing and hilarious tune Robin Cook's Comanchero.

This edit makes it a little more dj friendly for the clurb:


Monday, September 20, 2010


Friday, September 17, 2010


Malente has started a new record label called NO BRAINER. He is our favorite German of all time. (we like him even more than Katarina Witt)

Can't say enough good things about this guy - but more specifically his production is next level. To celebrate the launch of the label he's done a new dj mix. This would be a great way to kickoff your weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Also - in case you missed this last month, Bonjay have a new single. They've played twice in the last year with us at Hifi and hey brought the house down both times. They are undoubtedly one of Canada's brightest up-and-coming dance music talents.

Here you can get their awesome new single called "Stumble" - FIYAH!

Telephoned Tour Tales

A couple of weeks ago we ran into Sammy Bananas & Maggie Horn as they were on tour opening for Chromeo & Holy Ghost! in Calgary. Always great to see them, and I'm sure they will be back through town VERY soon. They did a rundown of the whole tour (which looked like a blast) and you can check it out here:


We're really stoked for them as Sammy is one of our old buddies - we even did a mixtape together in March 2007.

Telephoned tell a friend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Our good buddy Grahmzilla aka Nautiliss (also a member of Bassanova with Jess Jubilee) just sent me this awesome remix of Kathy Brown that he did. This one is for the djs - and I can't wait to play it in the club. Download link is in the Soundcloud player below. HOUSE MUSIC!

Kathy Brown - Don't give up (Nautiluss Remix) by nautiluss

Monday, September 13, 2010


Azoto only had 2 albums, but they were both hot as shit, and the vocals are always the best. I did an edit of their tune "Soft Emotion" to play early in my set at Shambhala. It's shorter and beefed up a bit. Enjoy.



Huggs is a legendary DJ troubadour. He has played with us a million times at Hifi, but he never has a mix done that we can use to promote with. This summer he just finished a few mixes, which is great because he has phenomenal taste. Its full of a bunch of non club and indie rock type tunes. It should be a good listen for a Monday morning. Also - There is a download link on the proper Mixcloud page below.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Jerk

Bloggin in the summertime sucks. But now I'm back because I have something important to say. Mike 2600 is making delicious beef jerky, and you need to order it now. It's call Cool Jerk! - and they have funky asian flavours.

Check out their website here to find out more:


Jerky named after one of my favorite tunes EVAR!

Get That Jerky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blu Jemz

Jemz is one of the funniest dudes out there and a great dj too. If you go to NYC make sure to look him up. But only if you want to feel like your face is going to explode the next day.

No Way Back (To Africa) Mix by blu jemz

A mix for their (Hardy Boyz) bi-monthly loft party called NO WAY BACK.

Blu Jemz - No Way Back To Africa Mix

Cultural Vibe-Ma Foom Bey (Lloyd-Ski Bday Edit)
Henrick Schwarz & Amamp Ondo-I Exist Because Of You (Dixon Mix)
Blake Baxter & Marc Romboy-Muzik (KINK Remix)
Saturn V-Locomotion
Rick Wilhite-What Do You See (Moodymann Mix)
Taana Gardner-Work That Body (Larry Levan Mix)
Steve Poindexter-Short Circuit
Andy Butler & Jason Kendig-And Im So In Love With You (Deetron Mix)
Zombie Disco Squad-Zimbo
Evil Nine-Stay Up
Hot City-Setting Me Free
Circle Children-Zulu (Change Mix)
Afrikanz On Marz-The Road We Travel (Drums & Ceremony)
Technical Onslaught-Eyes Of The Mind
Superlounge & Alex Niggemann-Play House

Saturday, September 4, 2010