Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Dad's New New Mixtape

My dad is always writing down playlists and new songs in his notebook. Then when he has about 100 or so compiled he will usually narrow them down to fit on one mix. Then he puts them on his ipod and it becomes the soundtrack to his life for a while. This is the latest playlist, and this time he got our good buddy & dj Ivan Rankic to help him out and string them together into a continuous mix. The result is pretty awesome.

Al Emes feat. Ivan Rankic
Sept 2010 Mix (Mediafire Link)


TV on The Radio "Young Liars"
Bishop Allen "True or False"
Titus Andronicus "A More Perfect Union"
The Walkmen "The Rat"
Arcade Fire "Month of May"
Modest Mouse "Third Planet"
Holdsteady "A Slight Discomfort"
Superchunk "Driveway to Driveway"
Rogue Wave "Solitary Gun"
Small Black Despicable Dogs "Despicable Dogs"
School of Seven "Windstorm"
LCD Soundsystem "I Can Change"
MGMT "Flash Delerium"
Radiohead "Idioteque"
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close"
Harlem "Gay Human Bones"
Slegh Bells "Ring Ring"
Arcade Fire "AntiChrist Television"
Pinback "AFK"
Rogue Wave "Endless Shovel"
Real Estate "Beach Comber"
Beach House "Zebra"
Edward Sharpe "Carries On"

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Lanky A said...

Wow! Your dad has a great taste in music. I wish I could share that with my father. Tell him he is awesome and give him a hug!