Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wig out: No 1

Neil you fuckin' dick, I'm way better at blogging that I am at life, though mostly because I haven't blogged. That's about to change though, and I aim to become equally terrible at both.

I'm gonna try to find for the blog, on a semi-regular basis, video of people losing their cool, or wigging out, as it were.

I've been watching this one a lot over the past few weeks:

Highights include spin-around phone toss; apologizing for smoking a reporter in the face (0:54), who can then be seen leaving the room bleeding; using the phrase "Put that in your fuckin' pipe and smoke it!" (which needs to be used more, imho); and most importantly: it was his own office. What a guy!

Also,here's nice song:

Peter Richard - Walking in the Neon

There Neil, I posted. Now, put that in your fuckin' pipe and smoke it!


Neil S said...


that song is a CHUNE

max bromeo said...

Quite evvy...