Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I gotta pass along a couple links to a couple of blogs which make me laugh. They're both authored by hilarious birds name Sarah. Sarah F's blog is even dedicated to hilarious birds.

Sarah P used to come to my Friday night and lose her shit any time any Gwen Guthrie song got played. Weird.
Sarah P

Sarah F had a bleached-bloned undercut at one point. Also weird.
Sarah F

Read through both Definitely worth a look.

Lazy post, but whatever. Suck it. Here's a nice song:

Gloria Gaynor - Tease Me

Drums hit so hard. Vocal hook is so on point and infectious. Such a jam.


nelson skalbania said...

linky is brokey my was austin?

max bromeo said...

Linky worky again.

Also, going forward, can we always use borderline offensive pidgin English to report any brokey linkies?

Austin was a Friendtrip for Brothership.

DJ Pat Chez said...