Sunday, July 5, 2009


Our homie Nick Thayer just put out the latest installment in his Thizz Disco Mixtape series, this one features the Smalltown Romeo tune Necromanic. Nice one Nick.



Party Like Us - AC Slater (Palms Out Sounds)
This tune sounds like a truckload of airhorns crashed into a truckload of sirens whilst DJ Kool shouts about it. How can you not like that?

Be My Baby - Haggstrom (Flat Out Records)
Man this guy is killing it. This tune is the phatness. The remix he has just done for Drumattic Twins is tits too. This tune makes me think of a guy doing yo-yo tricks.

Freaky Ho (Acapella) - The Bodysnatchers (Passenger)

Quit Touchin (Nick Thayer Edit) - Bird Peterson (CDR)
Bird Peterson is like some hit making machine. The groove on this is so tasty. How can you not put your head down and run straight to party town when you hear this?

Necromaniac - Smalltown Romeo (CDR)
Smalltown Romeo OWNS shit all over Canada and they are spreading. The way the bassline moves around the beat is killer and the 'Gettin hiiiiigh, up to the skyyyyy' vocal?! Daym.

Bill Cosby Sweater (Kazey & Bulldog Mix) - Oh Snap! (Sweat It Out)
Kazey & Bulldog make music that could give your grandma ants in her pants. Their 'Big Truck' joint is another. Plus any vocal about 'being fresh'? How can you lose.

Pick It Up - Nick Thayer & MatCant (
Always loved the original Faith Evans tune, and then of course the AV8 version that I think was on Deadly Avengers' label too?

Back To Beat - Loveys & Yusef (Tragic Magic)
This is what awesome sounds like. If you load the tune into Serato or any computer program you can see what awesome looks like too.

Yap That Fool - A Skillz & Nick Thayer (Insane Bangers)
We had a lot of fun making this. Did you know those horns are from an old Sam & Dave tune? The flip to 'Soul Man' actually. Adam had it on 7".

Whut (Nick Thayer Rmx) - TNT (CDR)
Dynamite pretending to be Lil Jon! Whaaat!?!?

Hear The Drummer Get Wicked - Chad Jackson (Big Wave)
I used to clear dancefloors with my dancing to this joint. I paid $57 for my copy on vinyl too.

Lights Out (Nick Thayer Rmx) - The Cuban Brothers (CDR)
I love the Cuban Brothers. I was rapt when they asked me to remix this. How could you not utilize that Chuck D line. I tried to encapsulate ensuing nudity (if you seen them live you know what I'm talking bout), but not sure how successful I was.

Let It Go feat Nfa - Nick Thayer (Passenger)
Nfa is my boy. This track went through at least 19 versions before we got there. Remixes coming from Scottie B & Fort Knox 5 too.

The Champ (Nick Thayer vs Herve Rmx) - The Mohawks (CDR)
I made a little edit of this to DJ with, and then Herve did his. Like a sort of civil ceremony or something.

Cocaine & Coffee - Nick Thayer feat Will Styles (Passenger)
This is a showcase for my FutureRetro 'Revolution', which is basically a model of the Roland TB303. It went through the irreplacable Prunes & Custard pedal too.

State Of Ghetto Jackin (Dave Nada Remix) - Baobinga (Trouble & Bass)
Dave Nada gets all over. Between this shit and his Nadastrom project seems like he is trying to corner the market. He is like the McDonalds of club music. In a good way.

Rockin It - Black Noise feat Nick Thayer (Southern Fried)
Wobbly wompy stuff. The waveform for this on Serato looks really strange. It has holes in the middle. I would take a screen shot but I am not that savvy.

I Am Here - Heavyfeet (Passenger)
These guys are in a league of their own. I pretty much play everything they do.

$pend My Money (Nick Thayer Rmx Instrumental) - Bass Kleph (Vacation)
Remixing Bass Kleph is always pretty easy as he gives you such nice parts to work with. I was making a lot of edits of those kinda bassline tunes (like that Agent X rmx of
Dizzee Rascal etc) so I just wanted to kinda throw all that into one pot when I did this.

The Fly Bi (Acapella) - Sparks & Kie (White)
A classic. Always loved this acapella. I used to run it over Soul Of Man's 'Acid Punch'. I was cleaning out my hard drive the other day and stumbled across it and it is now firmly entrenched in my sets.

Warrior's Dance (Benga Rmx) - The Prodigy (TMTTH)
I love the hook on this tune, and Benga's remix is like jumping into a vat of jam. Very sticky.

Adachigahara's Theme - Shock One (Viper)
Shock One's drum and bass stuff is lethal too, but how insane is the production on this joint?! The subs on that first drop feel like you're doing one of those anti-g drop things at a theme park.

The Blank - Skism (Wicky Lindows)
And this one! The edits are mad. Let's hope dubstep doesn't go TOO edit crazy. We all saw what happened with BT. But this is just the right amount of nerdling around.

Gangsters (Muffler Rmx) - Rico Tubbs (Menu Music)
That Gangsters vocal sounds better in the half time jump up mould.

Timewarp - Sub Focus (Ram)
This is so bubbly. If they were to remake Macbeth a la Baz's Romeo & Juliet this is what would be playing during the three witches scene at the start whilst they did that 'Bubble bubble toil and trouble' bit.

Swagga Like Us (Nick Thayer Rmx) - The Rap Pack (CDR)
Got rid of the rubbish auto tune and just let Jay Z's verse smash it. Is there a better rapper alive?

Rock It - Sub Focus (Ram)
Didn't actually mean to include two Sub Focus tunes, but it just kinda happened. This is what happens when drum and bass wears spandex. And it is aaaallllllll good. More please.

Creator (Acapella) - Santogold (Downtown Music)
Never really gelled with the Santogold album, but she has attitude by the bollock load.

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