Saturday, January 16, 2010


I fucking love Sparks. Like, so much. This is one of the bigger chunes, and catchy as all hell. I just actually stumbled upon the video a couple weeks ago, and it spooks the shit outta me. Some people don't like clowns; I don't like ventriloquists. It would fucking terrify me when the cocksucker would drink a glass of water, and the dummy would keep on talking. I think that even at my age now, if I saw that shit in person, I might have to call a friend on the phone, just to to calm me down.

Anyway, this jam is offa the "Terminal Jive" album, which was produced not just by Giorgio Moroder (which is the impression I was always under), but also (and apparently mostly) by Harold Faltermeyer, who did the Beverly Hills Cop Theme (Axel F) .

Here's the video, and the song underneath (it's catchi....veri catchi.)

Sparks - When I'm With You

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