Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ultra Miami 2011

Ok damn - what a week at SXSW. So many great times were had. Thanks to Prince Klassen and MC for all the hospitality. Some of the best things I saw were: TV on the Radio, Bun B w Erykah Badu, Shabazz Palaces, Cubic Zirconia, Kingdom, The Suzan, Telephoned, Jubilee, Sabo, Bird Peterson and a bunch of other fun shows. Austin is so boss.

This week is Ultra in Miami, so the madness continues. Uh Oh.

Smalltown will be appearing at two parties, first tonight at Bar for Michna & Lsangres Birthday:

Then tomorrow night looks like the funnest thing in history. Mad Decent and Trouble & Bass Present: Jump, Jive & Wail, with Paul Devro, Bosco Delray, Drop the Lime and a bunch of other mates. There will be a bunch of special guests and madness ensuing. OMG double drop!

So see you in Miami - holler at me and we can hit the beach for some weightlifting and rollerskates.

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