Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joe Cuba RIP


Gilberto Miguel Calderon, 22 April 1931, New York City, New York, USA; of Puerto Rican parentage. Calderon, who was a salesman by day, played conga with the Joe Panama Quintet, whose other personnel were: Panama (leader/piano), Jimmy Sabater (timbales/vocals), Willie Torres (lead vocals), Tommy Berrios (vibraphone) and Roy Rosa (bass). In late 1954, the pianist, composer and arranger Nick Jiménez replaced Panama and Calderon took over leadership. At Panama's instigation, the musicians' union prohibited the use of his name, and acting on a promoter's suggestion, the group became the Joe Cuba Sextet. Latin music historian, Max Salazar, has cited singer/composer Willie Torres and Nick Jiménez as pioneers of the use of English lyrics in Latin music. Joe Cuba is credited with pioneering the "Latin Boogaloo" sound.

Joe Cuba's Mambo - Joe Cuba Sextet

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