Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Dust Brothers are almost too awesome to make a blog post about, from producing Paul's Boutique and hits by Young MC and Tone Loc on Delicious Vinyl in the late 80s, to movie soundtracks and countless other productions including Beck's best material, they are definitely up there with the best in the business.

I was trying to think of the main songs to show why they are so great to me - here they use a sample from one of my favorite rock songs ever by Them (featuring young Van Morrison and written by the best songwriter in the history of humans: Bob Dylan), and use it as a jumping off point to build a great pop song by Beck. Simple but so epic.

It's all over now baby blue - Them feat. Van Morrson

Jack-Ass - Beck

Also, as an aside, The Chemical Brothers originally named themselves The Dust Brothers as a tribute to their favorite producers (not expecting to get famous), and had to change their name after their first big tune (I think it was Song to a Siren).

Anyways - The Dust Brothers. Yes!

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