Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smalltown DJs in 2002

I tracked down this mix from 2002 and just managed to upload and figure out the tracklist. This was recorded early in 2002 at the club (probably at the start of the night). In Jan 2002 we had been running Hai Karate at The Night Gallery in Calgary (best club ever RIP) for two and a half years at that point and we were playing a ton of funk, rap, house and electronic stuff throughout the night. The ideas for Giant 45 and The Hifi Club hadn't even been hatched at that time, I was just blown away that I could dj for a living and rent an apartment with the money! It's all vinyl (like it needs to be said) & I love that you can hear the crackle - our records were always SO dirty. (*as a side note: Dr. Luke who produced Come Alive with Krafty went on to write the music for Since You've been Gone by Kelly Clarkson and Love me of Hate Me by Lady Sovereign)

SMALLTOWN DJs Hai Karate at The Night Gallery JAN. 2002 :


Can I Kick it? - Tribe Called Quest
Revolution - Arrested Development
Just Passin Through - Aim
Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Wake Up Everybody feat. Bobby Womack - Rae & Christian
I Changed My Mind - Quannum
I Get Lifted - KC & The Sunshine Band
Ring Ring Ring (Remix) - De La Soul
Crossover - EPMD
Cramp Your Style - All the People
Wicked Funk - Kwanzaa Posse
The Big Brawl Part 2 - Major Force
Know The Ledge - Eric B & Rakim
The Juice - Agent Sumo
Come Alive - Dr. Luke & Krafty Kuts
Sandman - Blueboy

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Caveman said...

Thanks for the mix, brings back awesome memories of sweaty nights at the night gal :thumbsup: