Monday, December 21, 2009

Nicaragua - A good purpose

After a few weeks in Europe Pete and I returned home to Calgary just in time to welcome a -37 Blizzard. With 10 days on the calender with no scheduled work I decided to head to Nicaragua and within 2 hours me and my trusty travel mate/girlfriend Joanna were on a plane.

With 3 hours of sun on the first day I received a pretty brutal sunburn.
Which if you have ever spent time in the waves in Nicaragua is somewhat
unavoidable and common. It gave me a few days to work on a new track
heavily inspired by the Spanish/Latin influences in the area. The view from my Nica studio was amazing.

After a few days out of the sun we were back on the beach just in time to hit a nice groundswell that was just the right size for a landlocked Calgarian Surfer. Justin from Liquidglass was out with his water camera and hooked me with a few shots from that afternoon.

That evening our good friend Johnny G was Djing at a fund raiser for The Barrio Planta Project. This is where the good purpose comes in.
The BP Project is a community development program that gives a positive outlet and opportunities to Nicaraguan children and adults.
Activities such as sports, theater and art help foster focus and teamwork while creating confidence and purpose to the individuals and the community. A small donation goes a very very long way.
Click here to View a short video.
Click here to learn more about the Barrio Planta Project.

With only 8 non travel days in Nicaragua we barely got over our sunburns before we had to throw our winter jackets back on and head home. Much thanks to Johnny G, Pete, Marty, Curtis, Yaosca, Elliot, Jamie, Bambu, Los Cardones, Izic, Charlie, Shaun, San Juan C21 and for the good times. Well see you again soon.


Stan said...

Where is the snow guys?

SweetCityWoman said...

looks like a helluva time!