Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our good pal in Berlin (via Dublin) DJ Wool has another release out. And I'm pretty fucking wild about it. Sounds like he's been in Berlin for a bit, if you ask me. It drops tomorrow, June 28th on Beatport, go grab it. You'll be glad you did. Here's the vid:

Hot on the heels of the Das Shadow and Broad Bean Band releases, the new true-blue MONOlith label/collective known as We Collect Enemies hits you across the back with another banger by a brother under another name.

DJ Wool (AKA one 3rd of the originators of the WCE clique) has been on a tear for the last year with non-stop remixes, singles and new material for his group The Glass. Here he is with yet another feather in his cap, this time under the ID known as The Dark Snuggler!

Described as a "techy and breaky club banger" with hints of Detroit and bass, he's aiming this inaugural release at a bullseye on a target that exists in a place between fidget house, techno and dare we say, old school hip-hop? Whatever it gets described as, it bumps and clouds the dance floor like a smoke machine on auto.

With remixes by Lars Moston (Moston & Malente), Boeoes Kaelstigen (Adrian Recordings, Sweden) and Jetlag (collab. between The Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke, yes THE Smiths and Russian/NYC DJ Ole), the release promises to pack lots of pop for the price coming from your pocket. A definite natural disaster in these days of earhquakes, oil leaks and volcano eruptions courtesy of the kind people over at We Collect Enemies. The 'Detroit' inspired video hits a youtube near you real soon...

‘The Dark Snuggler’ will be released exclusively on Beatport on 28th June 2010 and other download sites from 12th July.

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