Thursday, December 2, 2010


After much fanfare and a long wait, tomorrow is the date, our new single Party Motion will be coming out on Plant Music available exclusively at

Here is what our label Plant Music has to say about it:

“As expected, the boys have created a tune that reflects their all-over-the-place musical tastes, from disco to hip-hop to house to electro, and this one is suitable for many different dance floors. The package comes with the much sought-after Malente remix which has already seen massive support from Diplo as well as tastemakers like Brodinski, Drop The Lime and Sinden. This mix should come with a face-melt warning. Don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up! In Flagranti, always sure to take things in a unexpected direction, comes through with a mix that veers the song towards disco but really stomps – a disco stomper? Yes. Stones Throw’s James Pants delivers a crazy tropical bass workout that is quite a departure from anything he’s done thus far – slightly left field, clever but dance floor friendly at the same time. Finally, Plant newcomer Grandtheft turns “Party Motion” into big room electro house but as always, keeps it classy. What’s that, did you just ask about the “Party Motion” video? After the sensational animated video for “Boom-Ha” it only makes sense. Rest assured, it’s almost in the can, again directed by Matt Luckhurst!"

You can check out the full EP here (and remember to buy it on Beatport tomorrow!):


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