Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wax Romeo Top 10 of 2010

What a bitch this was to do. It was a good year though. Happy 2011, you guys! Here's the listy:

10. PARIS - In Crowded Subways (In Flagranti remix)
Anyone who knows me at all knows what a big In Flagranti fan I am. This was my favourite thing they did all year. The synthwork is aces in this one. Classy.
9. Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn (Alden Tyrell rmx)
Solid choon. I never want to mix out. The Legowelt remix is dope, as is the original, but the little acidy flair puts this one on top for me.
8. Bassanovva - Terrordactyl
I love the spooky twinkles and the dino-shrieks in the track. Not to mention the track was done by two of our specialfriends, one Grahmzilla, and the other, Ms. Jess Jubilee.
7. Carte Blanche - Politrix As Usual
The only way you write a riff like that is with a mouse.
6. Hannulelauri - Super Monkey
Cheeky monkey. Cheeky track.
5. Punks Jump Up - Blockhead
I think I looked for this track as hard as anyone when it was the Zongamin remix. So busy and loud, but it works. That steel drum sounding thing is the kicker.
4. Pablo Decoder & Tim Healey - Echoes In My Head (Alex Gopher remix)
I like Alex gopher a lot, so I kind of knew I'd like this before listening, cause his shit is always solid. Listen to the original (it's stinky), and you'll realize that this remix is fucking brilliant. Kind of like a funkier Soulwax. Fuck, did he ever rescue this one.
3. Smalltown Romeo - Party Motion (Malente remix)
Malente is the man. He made a dope remix despite the fact that the vocals were done by me and Smalltown Pete. Sounds good loud. Pitched down tom-tom bassline sounds nice in a club. Germany!!!
2. Dennis Ferrer - Red Room
He had a huge hit last year with "Hey Hey", and I kind of feel like this track is the opposite of all the things that made "Hey Hey" such a hit. Gone are the poppy vocals, big-room proggy percussion, and dramatic builds. Instead, this track sounds like a mushroom trip in a snake pit, with some "Wiccan ex-girlfriend" type on vocals. I like it a lot.
1. Hrdvsion - Captivated Heart
Such a quirky and irreverent track; by far my favourite of the year. Spooky as fuck, that haunting female vocal and plonky piano line do it for me every time. I dig the crackle on the drums, and when the acidy bassline drops midway through, it sets shit off jusssssst right. It's one of those tracks that when you play it, you can count on someone asking you about what it is. Despite being a weird creep, this guy is one of my favourite producers, and I can already *guarantee* that he'll be in my top 10 next year.

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