Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Yur Fuk On (Smalltown Remix)

A few months back we hit the road for the Redbull Three style competition
out East with Jokers of the Scene. We spent our last night playing some
records at Team Canada's new Bar in Montreal "Blue Dog".
Grandtheft was about to release the "Get Yur Fuk on" single from the
first signing on his new label Tremendous Records the Wong Boys.
We brewed up a quick remix to play out and I figured we could
share it now that the Ep has been out for a while.

Wong Boys : Get Yur Fuk On (Smalltown DJs Remix)

On Beatport:
Wong Boys : Get Yur Fuk On (Wax Romeo's Veri Spooky Remix)

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