Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Norman Cook

I've been meaning to upload this mix for a while. It's hard to remember what Smalltown's sets sounded like or were intended to sound like when we started Hai Karate in the late 90s. But as far as the electronic stuff goes this mix has a bunch of the tunes on it that were big for us back then, then there was all the funk and hip hop as well. Anyways - we are Big Beat DJs I guess is what I am trying to say. Also that Fatboy Slim is the dude, I heard that he still has to approve every record that goes out on Southern Fried. Lastly - the second tune on this mix is by Sir Drew who now goes by Chicken Lips, formerly Bizarre Inc.

fatboy slim - new years eve 1997 mix

Despite being a NYE mix its got a reall summer vibe, I guess all big beat does. Enjoy.

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