Thursday, December 11, 2008

So right now I'm living in my best friend's vacant apartment as he cavorts about in sunny Costa Rica. The reason for this is that I'm dog-sitting. For some reason, when anyone finds out about this, they burst into laughter at the thought of me looking after anything. I don't find it funny. Also, he's 110 pounds, and a Rottie. I'm not scared of anything. First time in my life thoug, that I've touched dogshit through a plastic bag. Doesn't make you stonger, just resentful I thing the dog secretly relishes the fact that I'm bound by law to do this. At any rate, just so you know, I'm a (temporary) guardian. Unrelated, never having kids, as of now.

Also, marking a first, put snow tires on my car, which meant I fucking changed 4 tires. I'm pretty fucking stoked on that, given that I can't even put the chain back on a bike, so let me have that one for a bit. What have you ever done that's so great? I change tires. Like I said, I'm stoked. Or, I was, until I got towed from behind the Hifi. At least the tow truck had decent traction behind.

Anyway...I hope you didn't read any of that.

Here's a nice song:
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen

I'm gonna put it on a mixtape for the dude at the impound lot.

Also, Mike and Pete are still gone, and I've been dj'ing bafefoot.


Pete Smallbrown said...

The most I ever changed was one tire at a time. What a guy.

David Emes said...

u da man! wasabi!

Neil S said...

damn... i maxed out at one too... where's the photographic evidence though mandeep ...if that's your real name

Pete Smallbrown said...

I like the pattern we've developped of one of us posting, then the other guys commenting on the post. Kewl. Hi guys.